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King Price
King Price Insurance

Welcome to King Price, where we offer you the same insurance cover just at the cheapest possible price and it comes with royal service too!

Yes, all the hype you’ve been hearing about King Price and our super cheap premiums is absolutely true. We are the only insurer in SA that decreases your premiums monthly as the value of your car depreciates.

At long last, a company where insurance is done right and where price is king. Joining our royal family is not only sensible, but very easy too.

Why choose King Price Insurance?
  1. Super cheap premiums – cheaper more than 50% of quotes done
  2. Your premiums DECREASE monthly
  3. You get to choose the excess you prefer
  4. We are backed by Munich Reinsurance
  5. We give you the royal service you deserve
King Price Model
Our Broker Network:
We have a dedicated team to ensure that we deliver on the royal service as promised. Our Countesses of Connection is a direct link between King Price and your office. This guarantees that you have immediate access to quotations, changes on confirmation of cover or policy amendments. We will even give you access to our advanced quotation system and broker portal where you can do quotes, notify us to call your client, get policy schedules and commission statements. No more time will be wasted on the phone, which allows you time to rather focus on your business.  Watch this space for many more exciting additions to our service to our most valuable business partners – you, the insurance specialist.

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