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Regent: Insurance Company Limited
The following Regent Products are available:
   Motor Comprehensive Policy: Motor comprehensive insurance product information & underwriting criteria.
Motorcycle Comprehensive Policy: Motorcycle comprehensive insurance product information & underwriting criteria.
Chieftain Taxi policy.
Ad-cover: HP shortfall policy.
Domaine: Tailor made motor and household policy.
Full commission as currently regulated will be earned.
All Regent policies come standard with our Affinity (Assist Product), included in the premium.
The Regent policies also cater for both annual premiums and monthly premiums.
The full life cycle of the Regent policy is administrated through FSP. The FSP has outsourced the claim function to E.C.A. who specializes in claims processing and have the ability to link with the FSP system. Therefore brokers in future will be able to monitor claims progress on their Regent clients on the system as well.

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