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Netstar: Leaders in Vehicle Tracking & Recovery
Netstar provides a nationwide stolen vehicle recovery service, using a proprietary land-based radio network. The key elements of this service are:
Netstar Tracking Units
The Netstar unit is a small device installed into the customer's vehicle. It is able to receive various signals and transmit responses to these through the networks to the control centres.
Fitment Centres
Over 100 fitment centres situated throughout South Africa are responsible for the installation of about 9,000 Netstar units each month; other 3,000 units are installed monthly by Netstar's international operations. Qualified auto electricians manage these, and the technicians have been carefully selected and trained by the Netstar Quality Control team.
Control Centres
There are eight control centres situated in South Africa as well five others in the main cities across southern African countries and Malaysia . They operate 24 hours per day and are responsible for all recovery activities in their respective territories. This includes activating Netstar units in stolen or hijacked vehicles, co-coordinating the ground and air recovery operations, liasing with the police and communicating with the customers.

The communication networks enable the process of activating Netstar units, receiving signals back from these vehicles, and sending other commands to the Netstar units.

Ground Recovery Teams

These teams are dedicated exclusively to Netstar. They consist of highly trained recovery personnel that are able to respond at immediate notice. Each team consists of a driver and a tracker, who uses mobile tracking equipment to locate the signals from a stolen vehicle. These teams will retrieve stolen vehicles from any location in the country. Whilst they may at times work in conjunction with the local Police Force, Netstar does not rely on the normally overburdened police force to recover its customers' vehicles

Air Recovery Teams

Netstar is the largest user of helicopter services in SA. We recognize that stolen vehicles have to be recovered as quickly as possible, and recover vehicles in an average time of under an hour. This is achieved through the use of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft around the country. The air recovery teams consist of the aircraft pilot and the airtracker. The tracker is responsible for locating the signal, guiding the pilot and the ground crew to the stolen vehicle, and communicating with the control centre. With the use of the sophisticated tracking equipment that replicates a network, the aircraft is able to track and locate vehicles that may have left the network.

The Netstar service includes the free recovery of your vehicle in the southern Africa states of Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia.

Recovery Guarantee
In the unlikely event that NETSTAR is unable to recover your client's stolen/hijacked vehicle, NETSTAR will refund all subscription fees paid on that vehicle to your client. The recovery guarantee offer is applicable on all contracts with an inception date equal to or greater than 1 November 2005.
Our Services / Products
  Netstar Sleuth
    Netstar Sleuth: a stolen vehicle recovery system.
    Netstar Sleuth is an entry-level phone-in system, whereby the customer is required to advise Netstar of a theft or hijacking. At that time the control centre will activate the Sleuth and proceed with the tracking and recovery operation.
  Advance Phone-in
    Advanced Phone-in: a stolen vehicle recovery system with limited fleet management functions.

With the Advanced Phone-In system, the customer is required to advise Netstar of a theft or hijacking. At that time the control centre will activate the Advanced Phone-In unit and proceed with the tracking and recovery operation.

Besides the stolen vehicle recovery service and the two free remote tests per year, this system provides limited fleet management information.

A customer can telephone Netstar and request an approximate location of the vehicle, which is best, provided if the vehicle is mobile. This service is free of charge. Should the customer be concerned about the vehicle, and then Netstar will proceed with a recovery, at no charge. The customer may also request the vehicle to be passively monitored for a set period, after which time a movement report can be provided at a small fee. Netstar's proprietary electronic signposts that are strategically positioned throughout its networks provide the location positions.

  Early Warning
    Early Warning: a stolen vehicle recovery system.
    With the Netstar Early Warning system you do not have to telephone Netstar if your car is being stolen. The system is supplied with a remote arming device. If the unit is armed, and any of the following events occur:
  • The ignition is forced;
  • The vehicle is towed away.

The unit will start to transmit distress signals to the nearest control centre. On receipt of these distress signals, the control centre will attempt to contact you. If they cannot contact you or if you are not sure of the status of the vehicle, then Netstar will respond and recover the vehicle.

10 Facts About Netstar

Netstar pioneered the industry in South Africa, and has proven itself in over ten years of operations.


It is the most preferred system, as evidenced by it being the largest in terms of monthly sales and total vehicles under its protection.


Netstar has successfully recovered over 28,000 stolen and hijacked vehicles in southern Africa since inception.


Unlike our competitors, our recovery teams are exclusively dedicated to our customers. We do not rely on the local police force, nor do we share our teams with other competitors.


Netstar has the largest air recovery operation in South Africa. We fly aircraft from 12 airfields around the country. This provides us with an average recovery time of less than one hour.


There are eight 24-hour control centres in South Africa, each focusing on its own local recovery territory, as well as centres throughout the main cities in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Swaziland.


Netstar has the most expansive networks, which extend beyond South Africa 's borders, in countries such as Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland, also operating in Malaysia.


Netstar has the largest selection of products in the industry. These range from our flagship Vigil (Fleet Management) to our entry-level Sleuth. Our five different products cater for every possible need.


Our products and services are very price competitive. Almost without exception, they are all priced lower than similar competing products and services.


Netstar is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE-listed Altron Group. Altron is a high-technology electronics and communication solutions group. This provides Netstar with all the necessary support and expertise to innovate and grow in a very competitive market.


FSP Solutions has a seamless process in place to ensure that the client is fitted with a Netstar and that the Broker receives his agreed commission on successful collection of the policy debit order that will include the Netstar service fee.

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