We will take all reasonable measures to ensure an efficient, uninterrupted and error-free service to all its online customers, neither FSP Solutions or FSP Commercial Online nor any of its employees, representatives or assigns will be liable to any on-line customer for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature caused by or attributable to any:

  1. fact or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of FSP Solutions or FSP Commercial Online, including the breakdown or interruption in the services provided by external service providers and the unavailability or defective performance of any software or any of the services available on or from this web-site;
  2. breach of privacy, security or confidentiality or any infringement of intellectual property rights by any person or entity;
  3. loss, damage, destruction, theft, contamination or corruption of any data, information or content accessible from or available on this web-site;
  4. reliance on, publication or use of any information or data contained on or accessible from this web-site including information and data contained in advertising banners, third party software, pop-up windows, buttons, intermercials, hypertext links and advertising sponsorships;
  5. failure by a visitor or on-line customers to maintain the confidentiality of their personal user-name and password, or the disclosure of personal user-names and/or passwords to any person or entity;
  6. hacking, infection by viruses, Trojan horses, or any other computer programming routines or software that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any software programme, system, data or personal information;
  7. failure to adhere to the provisions of any terms and conditions governing the use and access to the services and facilities offered from time to time on this web-site;
  8. any lawful act or omission by FSP Solutions or FSP Commercial Online, its representatives and service providers in respect of or relating to the maintenance and support of this web-site and any supporting software or otherwise in the interests of protecting FSP Solutions or FSP Commercial Online proprietary rights or the privacy and confidentiality of visitors and on-line customers and their personal information; and
  9. consequential or indirect loss or damage whether foreseeable or otherwise.

Presumption and Indemnity Clause

Due to the lack of personal contact in on-line communication and transactions, FSP Solutions relies exclusively on the correctness and accuracy of information submitted and the good faith of its on-line customers. Failure to provide honest, accurate and complete disclosure may lead to the annulment of policies.

On-line customers must keep confidential their personal user-names and passwords, at all times. FSP Solutions shall be entitled to presume the authenticity and validity of any on-line communication or transaction and that the on-line customer is the originator of such on-line communication or transaction where the user-name and password of that on-line customer is used to gain access to, view and/or engage in any activity or transaction or service offered on this web-site.

The on-line customer hereby indemnifies FSP Solutions, its employees, representatives and service providers and holds them harmless against any and all claims, losses and damages which FSP Solutions or any third party may incur as a result of reliance placed on any information, data and material furnished by a prospective policyholder or policyholder to FSP Solutions.