• Our IT system Myriad has passed many vigorous penetration tests by various leading financial in stitutions.
  • Myriad is web-based and cloud hosted. We offer users a 24/7 user-friendly cost saving solutions.
  • Data security and protection are core features of Myriad.
  • Unlike many other IT rented systems, we own, manage and work on our own solution. We therefore know the challenges of the industry and we have built our IT to cater for those challenges.
  • We have a proven record of accomplishment of “clean” data being passed on to the various system application of our respective insurer partners.
  • Our Quick Quote offers a plug in facility to all users via API.
  • Our infrastructure allows partners the benefit to outsource various functions to us at reasonable costs achieved through our scale and efficiency.


  • Discounted rates are available to us through some insurer offerings.
  • Very high frequency of premium accuracy in matching insurer rates.
  • Ongoing system enhancements through our dedicated IT team.
  • Compliance footprint, versioning and easy access to multiple product all in one.
  • Gaining access to car, home, taxi, Uber, commercial, Vap's, niche commercial, claims and administration makes our offering a 360-degree, world-class solution.
  • Through our volume, we have secured underwriter support from our various partners dedicated on our sales floor. Great service experience is guaranteed to our users.
  • Big or small production? Do not worry; we unlock the wealth of the combined national broker base support into large sales figures.
  • We have a proven record of accomplishment of sound claims management and achieving underwriting results for our valued partners.