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Absa Insurance Services
Absa Insurance Services
Absa's Sectional title insurance policy caters for all Sectional Title holders whether they reside in a single block of flats or in a Townhouse complex consisting of individual or dual units and it covers the building and its fixtures and fittings.

A Sectional tile policy is normally under the care of a Body Corporate who will take care of the complex's administrative needs and may advise the insurers on the insurance needs of the owners.

The policy will provide for major disasters that may occur through a fire, storms, hail, earthquake. It will also provide for damages that may occur through the bursting of pipes or geysers or the overflowing of pipes.

The policy will also pay the rental value for hiring additional premises to reside in whilst an insured cannot stay in his own premises as a result of a loss insured in terms of the policy. Liability towards the public is covered for any acts of negligence. Personal Accident cover is included free of charge for employees of the complex.

Some special features:
Inflation escalation provided for.
Cover for the following risk are included for free:
Machinery Breakdown, Geysers, Trustee Liability, Money, Fidelity Guarantee, Office contents, Employers liability.

ABSA Buildings Combined Insurance Policy
Absa's Buildings Combined Insurance policy caters for all private, public and commercial property owners. The policy provides cover for all permanent buildings, constructed of bricks, stone or concrete and roofed with slate, tiles, metal, concrete or asbestos. Cover also extends to buildings with permanently fitted carpets including landlord's fixtures and fittings.

The policy will provide for any damages/ losses suffered resulting from perils of fire, storm, hail, earthquarke, droppings from aircrafts or any aerial articles, leakages from geysers and burst pipes, theft resulting from forcible and violent entry and malicious damage. The resultant loss of rent following the property being rendered uninhabitable and liability to third parties due to negligence of the insured is also covered. Accidental damage to fixtures and fittings of the building is also provided for.

Free Covers provided:
Machinery Breakdown, Accidental Damage, Trustees Liability, Public Liability, Money, Fidelity Guarantee, Office Contents, Employer's Liability and Business All Risks.
Extended Cover available:
Subsidence and Lanslip, Geysers, Escalation, Inflation, Rent loss exceeding the standard policy limit, Extended Liability, Mining Cover and Accidental breakage of plate glass.

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