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Support / Help Desk
Through contacting our helpdesk we can supply you with detail regarding comprehensive product offerings, company profile and / or give you assistance on setting up your system.
Please contact one of the following:
  Call Centre Manager:

Client Services Manager:

General Commercial Business: Angeline Maartens, Laleen Myburgh, Andries Makgato and Collin Zwanepoel.

Sales Team Leader:
Contact Information:
  Tel (General): (010) 001-2602
  Tel (CSD): (010) 001-2602
  Tel (Helpdesk): (011) 206-5004
  Fax (General): (011) 206-5005
  Fax (Helpdesk): (011) 206-5087
  Client Services:

(010) 001-2602

  Commercial Business: 0860 00 44 66

Thank you for your enquiry!