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About Us
The FSP Solutions Head Office is situated in Midrand and provides an entirely voice logged based Call Centre as well as access to our Internet based system 24/7. We have satelite offices in Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town and service the remainder of the country from Midrand. Our staff compliment now exceeds 60 people including Sales, Underwriting, Client Services, Broker Consultants and General Commercial.

Our state of the art Internet based system has allowed us to seamlessly integrate with all the Insurers on our panel and also allows us to fulfill the entire or partial life cycle role as preferred by each Insurer.

All data is backed-up daily and securely stored off-site. Our core business is to facilitate Short Term and Commercial Business Insurance business by bringing together groups of Brokers with groups of Insurers. In this process there are enormous economies of scale for both entities and so we are ideally positioned to add to the existing value chain.

  • Lucas Bothma (Managing)
  • Retha Botha (Operations)
  • Pierre van Huyssteen (Marketing)
  • Albert Bergh (Commercial)
General Management
  • Call Centre and Broker Consultant Manager: Steve du Plessis: (011) 206-5044 / 072-241-5254

  • Janine Grobler: 082-463-5257 / (021) 910-3267

  • Sales Manager: Fanie Pio (011 206 5018)

  • Client Services Manager: Catherine Liddell (011) 206-5030
  • Management:    100%
  Reachout Financial Services
Tel no: (012) 346-1400
Reference: Connie Swart
Compliance Officer:
  Moonstone Compliance (Pty) Ltd
Tel no: (021) 883-8000
Reference: Andrie Steyn
Company Registration Number:
FAIS License Number:
BEE Compliance:
  BEE Certificate (29Jul2010)
Products (Refer to Products as per Product Listing):
  • Call Centre
  • Systems
Call Centre:
  • Our Midrand based Call Centre processes in excess of 12,000 new short-term insurance quotations per month.
  • State of the art PABX and voice recording technology is used to assist us in providing service excellence to all our supporting members.
  • All calls are voice recorded to ensure secure trading and general client protection.
  • Sales Manager: Fanie Pio
  • Client Services Manager: Catherine Liddell
  FSP Solutions has obtained exclusive rights to the system used in our operations. The system is essentially an internet based solution and allows our members to gain easy and cost-effective access to their clients.

An ISDN or ADSL (Telkom) line installed on the broker’s premises, will ensure fast and efficient access to all clients hosted on the system.

The system integrates 100% to all our insurers and product providers therefore seamless trading and up to date data at all times. Our Call Centre gives immediate access to five short-term Insurance quotations. They may also assist you with funeral insurance options through Rentmeester.

You gain immediate access to all products when joining FSP Solutions.