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FSP Solutions has partnered with RSA’s leading medical multiple quoting platform - Medquote.

Our members now have access to this Platform giving access to accurate needs specific medical quotations of all leading “open” medical schemes in RSA. Their unique service combines personalised attention through professional healthcare consultants with the ability to compare medical scheme options through their state of the art technology.

Medquote will find the most appropriate cover at the lowest cost for your clients.
  • All our brokers will have free access to this platform.
  • You need not be registered with the Council for Medical Schemes or licensed for health services benefits with the FSB. (All you have to do, is to establish if your client has a medical aid - simply register the lead on their system and they will do the work and keep you informed throughout the process).

  • The facility allows you to obtain broker notes and also access employer groups (note, more than 20 people).

  • Your client base will be protected and no other products or services will be proposed to your clients.

  • You can grow and retain your client base better and earn additional income.

  • They are independent, so your client’s best interests will be served at all times.

  • We have already registered your FSP code on their system, so when leads are registered they will know the source of the business for payment purposes.

  • To find out how the remuneration or payment structure works, simply click on the link marked “remuneration structure” below.

  • To access the broker notes for the various schemes, click on the links marked “brokers' note” at the bottom.   

  • Note: Dedicated support is available on 0860 860 860
Medical Schemes - The Basics: Dealing with Group Clients – The How:
  • How to choose a medical scheme;
  • Understanding medical aid tariff (100% / 200%);
  • Waiting Periods, Late Joiner Penalties and so forth;
  • FAQ;
  • Click to read and find more information...
  • Visit – click on Group Quote and fill in the form. This details will be forwarded to our offices and a group quote will be prepared.
  • Documentation that can assist the broker: Group Offering for Medquote via Optivest Health Services
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Medical Clues Brokers' Note Pack - At your fingertips!
Making use of the enhanced service offering not only secures/ring fences your client base, but also offers a professional service to your clients. You can focus on, as well as invest your time in key business and continue to grow your client base, while Medquote attends to your clients' healthcare needs.
Download Brokers' Note Pack:
  • To gain access to the Brokers' Note Pack, please click on the following link to download the file directly onto your desktop
  • The download will take approximately 2 minutes.
  • Once saved on your desktop, you can unzip this file and use the icon to access the different broker's notes in future.