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Hamba Kahle
Hamba Kahle Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd
Hamba Kahle Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd offers specialist short-term insurance solutions specifically for the Owner Driver Transport Industry.

We are an authorized financial service provider that only insure and design niche products for the Owner Driver transport industry.

Our name, Hamba Kahle means 'Go Well', which embodies everything we stand for. We want to provide select brokers with Owner Driver insurance products that encompass a winning combination of competitive terms and conditions, quick, professional claim service and a customized range of insurance products.

When your clients insure with Hamba Kahle, you can rest assured that you are dealing with insurance professionals that know the Owner Driver Insurance Industry.

We have the expertise and experience required to tailor make insurance packages for any owner driver scheme.

After over eight years of analysing this market, we can confidently assert that we have encountered most of the risks and concerns that the Owner Drivers face and because of this we make it our business to do everything in our power to get the trucks back on the road with the minimum fuss after an insured event.

We specialize in creating products for selected brokers that want an edge in this niche market. Hamba Kahle’s insurance products are underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company RF Limited, which is the first black empowered insurance group specializing in risk finance, cell captives, underwriting management and affinity business. Centriq are owned by Santam (100%).


Owner Driver business that falls under the risk management and maintenance programs of a large Principal are the cream of the transport business. This is also a form of business that is strongly growing as it gives the Principals an opportunity to sub-contract the transport function and create a strong broad based black economic empowerment function to their business. Principals like S.A.B. and A.B.I. are sharing the wealth and making their drivers independent entrepreneurs, owners of their own business.

This type of business needs a bouquet of products that reflects the risk profile and requirements of this client base. Hamba Kahle saw this niche in the insurance market and decided to provide a superior service to Owner Driver clients with an emphasis on specifically designed and tailored products.

The minimum insurance packages as defined by the Principals, is only the first step and is only the minimum. We believe the Owner Drivers must choose which risks they want to transfer and which they keep for themselves. What is their risk profile?

We are here to work with brokers and their clients designing Owner Driver insurance programs that reflect the needs of this class of business.

We see the formation of Owner Driver business as the development of the spirit of the entrepreneur and we are here to help.

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